Unboxings of PlayStation 5 has arrived

Sony's PlayStation 5 Unboxed

After Sony released their PlayStation 5 teardown video, one thing people were asking about PlayStation 5 is what comes in the box when you purchase PlayStation 5…? We are about few weeks away from the release of PS5. Some have received all of the PS5 accessories, some have received the actual PS5 Controller, and some… Continue reading Unboxings of PlayStation 5 has arrived

PlayStation 5 Release Date and Price Announced

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition Pricing

It has been a while since PlayStation 5 was confirmed last April. Sony showed off the load times of PlayStation 5. In October 2019, Sony confirmed the Next Generation console as PlayStation 5. Sony’s also been hyping up 3D Audio, and hardware-based Ray-Tracing in small doses. Tech Specs were revealed in a Livestream hosted by… Continue reading PlayStation 5 Release Date and Price Announced

PlayStation 5 Controller revealed

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller

Sony has been quiet about the PlayStation 5 for a while now. They revealed the logo for PlayStation 5, and there was backlash towards Sony, since Microsoft revealed more. However, they took the time during what was scheduled for Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020), an in depth reveal of PlayStation 5’s technical Specifications in a… Continue reading PlayStation 5 Controller revealed