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God of War Ragnarök arrives November 9, 2022

God of War is such a strong franchise for Sony, so much they readied a new God of War title to be released 5 years after the 2018 reboot. Sony scheduled God of War to be released in November. And […]


State of Play – February 2, 2022 Livestream

It has been a year since Sony hosted a State of Play focused around a game. The last State of Play that focused around a game was Horizon Forbidden West. Recently, Sony announced a new State of play for February […]


PlayStation 5’s load times shown off in real time

As of late, Sony has been ramping up some announcements regarding their Next Generation PlayStation plans. Sony has no plans on attending E3 2019 or hosting a press conference during E3 2019. Recently, Sony had a few announcements regarding Next […]