The PlayStation Brand is performing extremely well for Sony

After Mark Cerny talked up some of the features of the new, upcoming Next Generation PlayStation console, Sony has been silent regarding the new game console. However, in an earnings report intended for investors, Sony said that they’ve experienced an “increase in development expenses for the next generation console.” According to a journalist working for… Continue reading The PlayStation Brand is performing extremely well for Sony

First PlayStation 5 info revealed

PlayStation U.S. Headquarters

Over the last few years now, there has been whispers, leaks, and speculation about the next PlayStation console. None of the information posted were concrete apart from a few articles talking about dev kits arriving to developers. Some of the information were legit, and some were, eh.. sketchy, let’s put it that way. posted… Continue reading First PlayStation 5 info revealed

Welcome to PS5Daily!

PlayStation Background

Hello, my name is Carlos Morales, and I am the Founder and C.E.O at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I’ve been writing about Video Games since 2001, if you can believe that. I started writing for a GameCube website, and since then, I’ve moved around. And since then, I’ve been growing my brand. In 2006, I launched… Continue reading Welcome to PS5Daily!