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  1. Carlos

    New PS5Daily Logo

    I've been holding off on doing anything with the logo for a while now. I've been testing the actual software for months. I'm ready. But I gotta get the logo done, so that's what I did today! Introducing the PS5Daily logo...
  2. Carlos

    'ello, 'ello.

    I'm the founder and owner of! How you doin'? I love gaming, it is my passion. I like drawing, computers, internet, and more. Well, see you around!
  3. Carlos

    How did you find

    Hello and welcome to PS5Daily! We're a full featured website that is mainly focused on the upcoming console from Sony, however, we're also focused on all of the PlayStation consoles, and gaming as a whole! As you can imagine, there are a lot of topics within those subjects, and we look forward...
  4. Carlos

    What do you think of PS5Daily?

    What could be improved, and is or are there anything you'd like to see implemented? Don't be afraid, tell me what you think! I want more user engagement, please! I want more posting, more return users, more registrations! Post your feedback, suggestions below, but do not spam.
  5. Carlos

    This forum is only for feedback for the PS5 Daily Site & Forums

    This particular forum is designed only for suggestions and feedback towards and the forums. Please do not use this forum for suggestions for the PlayStation 5 console, peripherals, and games. Please use the forum if you want to discuss on how to better and improve
  6. Carlos

    Welcome to PS5 Daily!

    As PlayStation 5 speculation, leaks, and rumors start to ramp up, I've decided to open PS5Daily! The forum is going to act as a backbone of the frontpage of the PS5Daily site. I intend for PS5 Daily to become the #1 place to get news. Even if it fails, I have YOU to rely on getting news out...