PlayStation 5 Controller revealed

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller

Sony has been quiet about the PlayStation 5 for a while now. They revealed the logo for PlayStation 5, and there was backlash towards Sony, since Microsoft revealed more. However, they took the time during what was scheduled for Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020), an in depth reveal of PlayStation 5’s technical Specifications in a… Continue reading PlayStation 5 Controller revealed

Confirmed PlayStation 5 games so far

Quantum Error Reveal

The first known game for PlayStation 5 is Godfall, a game by Counterplay Games, announced and published by Gearbox Software. More games were confirmed, but they were games we already know or is in development: Watch Dogs: Legion, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and Outriders… Now that Sony has taken off the veil of secrecy… Continue reading Confirmed PlayStation 5 games so far

PlayStation 5 Tech Specs known so far

Sony revealed PlayStation 5 technical specifications in a scripted video intended for Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2020, but because the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) spread outside of China, game companies got concerned, and pulled out of the event. GDC’s organizers responded by canceling the previously scheduled event in March. It’s only been postponed until Summer. Before we… Continue reading PlayStation 5 Tech Specs known so far

PlayStation 5 to be revealed March 18th

PlayStation 5 Logo

Sony has been extremely quiet about PlayStation 5 for quite some time now. Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled most of the specs for Xbox Series X. So far, all we know about PlayStation 5 is the Hard Drive speed, and performance. Last time we heard anything about PlayStation 5, are the logo, and some information on the… Continue reading PlayStation 5 to be revealed March 18th

Small PS5 announcements revealed

PlayStation 5 Logo

Over the weekend, Sony teased that “The future is coming.” It was a vague message first discovered on Sony’s dedicated CES 2020 page, and one could venture a guess that Sony would reveal more information about PlayStation 5. It’s been hyped up until today. Sony did host their CES 2020 Press Conference and it was… Continue reading Small PS5 announcements revealed

Sony officially announces PlayStation 5

The North American HQ for Sony's PlayStation brand.

In April, Sony announced a few details about the next generation game console. The console has been a subject of speculation, rumors, and dev comments. There were even leaks about the actual PlayStation console, and the dev kits. Sony did not want most of the leaks, rumors, or any other “rumblings” that would jeopardize Sony’s… Continue reading Sony officially announces PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5’s load times shown off in real time

PlayStation 4 Controller

As of late, Sony has been ramping up some announcements regarding their Next Generation PlayStation plans. Sony has no plans on attending E3 2019 or hosting a press conference during E3 2019. Recently, Sony had a few announcements regarding Next Generation PlayStation. The first one is a “strategic partnership” with Microsoft. Nobody really knows what… Continue reading PlayStation 5’s load times shown off in real time

PS5’s processor will have a secret sauce & the hard drive will be fast

PlayStation Logo in Blue Sky Background

After Sony announced that they’re working on the Next Generation PlayStation console, there has been a few tidbits being released about the PlayStation 5. The first information is coming from AMD’s C.E.O., Lisa Su, in an interview with CNBC. Sony has already confirmed that AMD is developing a few chips for Sony. For those who… Continue reading PS5’s processor will have a secret sauce & the hard drive will be fast

First PlayStation 5 info revealed

PlayStation U.S. Headquarters

Over the last few years now, there has been whispers, leaks, and speculation about the next PlayStation console. None of the information posted were concrete apart from a few articles talking about dev kits arriving to developers. Some of the information were legit, and some were, eh.. sketchy, let’s put it that way. posted… Continue reading First PlayStation 5 info revealed