Author: Carlos Morales | PS5 Daily


Sony begins marketing Spiderman 2

Sony has been having a tough time of getting PlayStation 5 consoles into the hands of gamers worldwide. However, they’ve somehow quelled and improved their production lines for getting PlayStation 5 consoles made, and ready to ship. Sony released a […]


State of Play – September 13, 2022 Livestream

It has been a while since Sony hosted a State of Play Livestream, the last one was in June. Sony is hosting a new “State of Play” livestream on June 2, 2022 at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, 23:59pm CET. Sony said the focus is […]


Sony announces PlayStation 5 Gray Camouflage Collection

After Sony unveiled the premium DualSense Edge controller, Sony announced new Gray Camouflage controller, headset, and cover for PlayStation 5. Pre-Orders go live soon, but the official release of these designs for controllers, headsets, and covers will be released on October 14, […]


DualSense Edge Controller revealed for PS5

During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2022 Livestream, Sony unveiled their premium PlayStation 5 controller known as “DualSense Edge.” It features the ability to set a profile, and pre-set your profile ready to go when playing a game. It allows you […]


God of War Ragnarök arrives in November

God of War originally released on March 22, 2005 for PlayStation 2, became a breakout hit. God of War II was released March 13, 2007 and became a franchise. God of War III was released March 16, 2010 – it […]


The Last of Us Part 1 heads to PlayStation 5

Sony ended Summer Game Fest 2022’s Livestream with a bang. Sony announced The Last of Us Part I is coming to PlayStation 5. Other announcements included that The Last of Us Part II has sold 10 Million units worldwide as […]


State of Play – February 2, 2022 Livestream

It has been a year since Sony hosted a State of Play focused around a game. The last State of Play that focused around a game was Horizon Forbidden West. Recently, Sony announced a new State of play for February […]


An overview of how you can manage the Accessibility Settings in PlayStation 5

Sony released PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020 (November 19, 2020 everywhere else) and everyone has a chance to see the “User Experience.” Today, we’re going to learn how to manage the Accessibility Settings on your new PlayStation 5 console. […]


New PlayStation 5 update unlocks M2 slot upgrade and more

The first major update was which brought many features to the system. The second update was 21.01-03.10.00. The third update was 21.01-03.20.00. The fourth update was 21.01-03.21.00. Sony released a beta update to collect information to catch issues, errors, and the […]


PlayStation Showcase 2021 Livestream

It’s been a while since the last time Sony hosted a PlayStation livestream. The last State of Play livestream was in July. On September 2nd, Sony posted a blog post to talk about their upcoming PlayStation Showcase Livestream which would take place […]