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Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill 2 Remake gets a new trailer during State of Play

There was a lot of announcements during the most recent State of Play Livestream event, but one stuck out like a sore thumb. Silent Hill 2 Remake was announced, and shown. Silent Hill 2 Remake is exclusive to PlayStation 5, and will be released sometime in 2024. During the State of Play livestream, Sony and Konami showed off Silent Hill 2 Remake’s gameplay and combat.

Not to be outdone, Konami announced a shadow drop during the State of Play livestream. This shadow drop is a new, supplemental Silent Hill game called “Silent Hill: The Short Message.” The Short Message is available now on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 5…

The Short Message is ironic for Konami. The game is basically a new “P.T.” style game. It’s hard to ignore the influence that “P.T.” has on the Horror or Survival Horror genre in the gaming industry. Hideo Kojima was ousted from Konami in 2015, and “P.T.” has gone to become the most prolific, the most famous, and infamous releases ever made. The legacy of “P.T.” has inspired many interpretations of the style of horror. The Short Message was Konami’s way of apologizing to the masses of fans who downloaded “P.T.”

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