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PlayStation 5 reaches 50 Million sold

It has been a while since Sony announced any PlayStation 5 sales milestone. The last major PlayStation 5 sales milestone was 10 Million PlayStation 5 units sold. The next big milestone was 30 Million PlayStation 5 units in December 2022. The next big milestone was 40 Million PlayStation 5 units on July 27, 2023. [Source] And now, the next big milestone was just broken: 50 Million PlayStation 5 units on December 20, 2023. [Source] The official press release reads as follows…

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today announced the PlayStation 5 console (PS5) has surpassed 50 million units1 sold through to consumers, three years since its Nov. 2020 launch. Thanks to the support of PlayStation fans globally, the PS5 console has experienced strong momentum this year, driven by a slate of highly popular games and SIE’s continued focus on bringing innovation to the gaming experience, including PS5 game streaming for PlayStation Plus Premium members.

“Achieving this PS5 sales milestone is a testament to the unwavering support of the global PlayStation community and their passion for the incredible experiences created by the talented developers from PlayStation Studios and our partners,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “We’re grateful for all of our players who have joined the PS5 journey so far, and we’re thrilled that this is the first holiday season since launch that we have a full supply of PS5 consoles – so anyone who wants to get one can get one.”

Three years into its lifecycle, PS5 is hitting its stride as developers are taking full advantage of the console’s advanced technology that enables them to deliver games with lightning-fast loading, gorgeous environments enhanced with ray tracing, and deepened immersion with the DualSense controller’s innovative haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The PS5 games lineup is stacked with highly acclaimed hits and fan favorites that have defined the generation.

Player excitement for PS5 is higher than ever making this the biggest November for PlayStation consoles sold through to consumers. This momentum has been driven by recent hits such as the critically acclaimed PS5 game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games, as well as celebrated partner titles including Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios, and Alan Wake 2 from Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games. EA SPORTS FC 24, the newest entry from the perennial sports favorite, and the PlayStation debut of Roblox, which appeals to gamers of all ages, have also been hugely popular with the community.

With more than 2,500 PS5 games, plus new accessories to enhance the gaming experience such as PlayStation Portal remote player and Pulse Explore wireless earbuds, now is the perfect time to join the PS5 family.

(As of December 9, 2023)

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