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New PS5 Models 2023

Sony announces new PlayStation 5 models

Since Sony announced PlayStation 5, the anticipation for PS5 has reached a fever pitch. Sony so much announced shortly, that PS5 consoles would at first have been pre-ordered online – during a pandemic no less. Shortly thereafter, in 2021, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 sold 10 Million units worldwide. To date, Sony has sold 40 Million units worldwide, according to Sony. [Source]

For a while now, there has been rumors of a “slim” PlayStation 5 console coming Holiday 2023. That rumor became official by Sony. Two new PlayStation 5 models are scheduled to be released this holiday. They are not “slim” consoles, just a different form factor. They both share the same console specifications as the original PlayStation 5 models. Sony said that once the current stock of PlayStation 5 consoles has been sold, the new model will replace them. The new PlayStation 5 consoles are about 30% lighter than the original PlayStation 5 consoles. The only difference is of course the design, however there is an additional difference: Both units have a detachable disc drive. Especially the Digital Edition.

Both models have different pricing; $449 for the Digital Edition. There is no disc drive. You can purchase a disc drive for $80. The main PlayStation 5 console is $499.

Sony says that the new PlayStation 5 models will arrive in November, sometime in November. No firm release date announced. We’ll keep you posted with the latest information on this new PS5 model.

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