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New PlayStation 5 update brings access to larger storage

It has been a while since Sony released a major update for PlayStation 5. In that update, Sony unlocked the M.2 SSD slot on the PlayStation 5 hardware. Sony released a new update for PlayStation 5, and the major focus is accessibility, 3D audio, multiplayer, and support for larger capacity M.2 SSDs. The maximum is 8TB. Here are some of the features with the new PS5 update…

  • New accessibility features, such as using a second DualSense controller for assistance
  • New audio options that allow 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech to be enjoyed on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices
  • New ways to connect with other players and customize your multiplayer sessions
  • Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB).

How to enable the larger M.2 SSDs? Here’s what Sony said…

Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs

  • You can now use an M.2 SSD with a maximum capacity of 8TB (up from the previous 4TB limit) to expand storage space on your PS5 console.
    • Important: M.2 SSDs must meet the requirements outlined on this pagePlease read the page linked above carefully before purchasing any M.2 SSDs for use with your PS5.

These are just the few features that went with the new update. I’ll highlight the other ones:

  • System UI updates
  • Join player sessions easily
  • Haptic Feedback updates that correlates with the UI
  • React to messages with emoji
  • Search for games easily
  • As odd as it may seem: Mute PS5 Beep sound
  • New PlayStation App improvements

You can download or auto-update your PlayStation 5 today.

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