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First PlayStation 5 Console Covers revealed

Ever since the reveal of PlayStation 5, it was a point of contention by potential customers, and owners of PlayStation 5, that they don’t like the official colors of the PlayStation 5. They made their displeasure known on Social Media since then. Players also took to YouTube to voice their displeasure of the official white design for console and controllers. Players also expressed concerns over the official white design, saying that a black controller and faceplate would help ease their concerns. The other concern is the “wear and tear” of the white design. Sony revealed new controllers for PlayStation 5. On the same day, Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 Console Covers…

The colors are “Cosmic Red,” “Midnight Black,” “Starlight Blue,” “Galactic Purple,” and “Nova Pink.”

The release schedule will be staggered due to the shipping issues, semiconductor shortages, and the overall pandemic. It will be available online starting January 2022. According to the blog post by Sony… While supplies last, these controllers will be available starting January 21, 2021 online at Sony Direct, then on February 11th, the controllers will be available at retailers.

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