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Destruction AllStars gets new gameplay trailer

Destruction AllStars was announced during the PlayStation 5 Reveal. Since then, we’ve not heard much, other than that it was supposed to be a launch title or launch window title for PlayStation 5. It was originally scheduled to be released Holiday 2020. Instead, Sony, the publisher of the game, announced that it would be released February 2021. Lucid Games, and Wushu Studios are developing the game, but they wanted to reach as many players as possible to show them what Destruction All Stars is capable of, so Sony, on the behalf of those developers – announced that instead of paying $70 for the game, it will now be part of PlayStation Plus’s monthly free games. Shortly thereafter, they released a new trailer for Destruction AllStars…

Alongside the trailer, the developers of Destruction AllStars announced the game modes that will be launching with Destruction AllStars. They are as follows: Carnado, Stockpile, Gridfall, Mayhem, Training, Challenge Series, and more detailed at PlayStation’s Blog post.

PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition arrives November 12, 2020 in United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition also arrives November 19, 2020 everywhere else.

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