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PlayStation 5 Launch Event announced

It has been a while since PlayStation 5 was confirmed last April. Sony showed off the load times of PlayStation 5. In October 2019, Sony confirmed the Next Generation console as PlayStation 5. Sony’s also been hyping up 3D Audio, and hardware-based Ray-Tracing in small doses. Tech Specs were revealed in a Livestream hosted by Sony. PlayStation 5’s controller was revealed. Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal was delayed, but we know now how it looks. Sony then revealed the Box Art design for PlayStation 5 games. Geoff Keighley got hands-on with the PlayStation 5 controller. PlayStation 5 advertisements have been ramping up lately. On September 8, 2020 – Microsoft was forced to announce the Xbox Series S pricing. A day later, Microsoft announced Xbox Series X’s price point, and release date. On September 12th, Sony announced a “Launch Event” scheduled for September 16th. We will presumably know the price, release date, and launch titles for PlayStation 5 at this event.

[EDIT: Sony released the trailer to YouTube…]

PlayStation 5 does not have a price point, or a firm release date, but has a launch window of Holiday 2020. Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X is to be released November 10, 2020.

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