Geoff Keighley gives first PS5 Controller impressions

PS5 DualSense Close Up
PS5 DualSense Close Up

It’s been a while since Sony unveiled PlayStation 5 Technical Specifications. Last month, Sony pulled the lid off, and revealed PlayStation 5 Hardware and Games. Geoff Keighley did a livestream earlier today, and gave a hands-on impression of the PlayStation 5 controller. Geoff also did an interview with Eric Lempel about the various questions regarding PlayStation 5…

Sony revealed the PS5 Controller in April, and a lot of players were wondering how much bigger is the controller is compared to the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller. Geoff Keighley briefly showed the side-by-side visual comparison of both PS4 and PS5 controllers. Geoff said that the controller has a bit of a “heft” to it than the PS4 controller.

During the livestream Sony’s Eric Lempel said that pre-orders for PlayStation 5 will not be a surprise – it’ll be announced ahead of time. The PlayStation 5 Hardware, Controller, and Games will be available Holiday 2020.

By Carlos Morales

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