Counterplay Games reveals PS5 Box Art for Godfall

PS5's first known game is called Godfall

Sony has been on a roll lately with their new PlayStation 5 console. Sony hosted their PlayStation 5 Tech Livestream, and then their hardware reveal which garnered a mix bag of reactions. Mostly good. Some bad, but overall it generated a lot of talk, a lot of buzz over the new PlayStation 5 console. Recently, Sony took to their PlayStation Blog to talk about their Next Generation Box Art design. This time, they’ve revealed how PlayStation 5 Box Art is going to look for their upcoming PS5 titles. Counterplay Games took to their @PlayGodfall Twitter account to reveal their PS5 Box Art for Godfall…

Godfall is PlayStation 5’s first known title. There is no firm release date for both Godfall, and the actual PlayStation 5 console. Sony said PS5 will arrive Holiday 2020.

By Carlos Morales

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