Confirmed PlayStation 5 games so far

Quantum Error Reveal
Quantum Error Reveal

The first known game for PlayStation 5 is Godfall, a game by Counterplay Games, announced and published by Gearbox Software. More games were confirmed, but they were games we already know or is in development: Watch Dogs: Legion, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and Outriders…

Now that Sony has taken off the veil of secrecy surrounding the Technical Specs of the PlayStation 5, more and more companies are slowly revealing their next-gen offerings. One such company just did that recently: TeamKill Media revealed that Quantum Error is a “Cosmic-Horror” First Person Shooter is coming to PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5…

I’ll update this article as we get closer and closer to the full reveal of PlayStation 5. Whenever that’ll be.

By Carlos Morales

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