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Small PS5 announcements revealed

Over the weekend, Sony teased that “The future is coming.” It was a vague message first discovered on Sony’s dedicated CES 2020 page, and one could venture a guess that Sony would reveal more information about PlayStation 5. It’s been hyped up until today. Sony did host their CES 2020 Press Conference and it was livestreamed, which you can see embedded below…

The biggest announcement from that livestream wasn’t a console reveal. It was a console’s logo…

PlayStation 5 Logo

No, I’m not kidding: That, right there is the PS5 logo. Sony talked about PlayStation’s 25th anniversary, stats, then proceeded to talk about the future: PlayStation 5. Sony first unveiled the logo first, then the following image…

Some of what Sony pointed out in this slide have already been announced through some interviews. Some are from leaks, patent, and other speculation. Sony said they’ll have hardware-based, and software-based Ray Tracing, that has been confirmed in two parts here: 3D Audio Sound, and Hardware-based Ray Tracing. Since talking about PlayStation 5 last April, Sony has been hyping up a fast Hard Drive. Confirmed here with “Ultra-High-Speed SSD.” Good to know it’s an SSD, rather than an HDD. PS4 supported SSD, but was shipped with an HDD. It was a given that Sony would go with Blu-Ray, and Sony briefly talked about it, too… but nobody could guess that it would be Ultra HD Blu-Ray officially. I mean, it was a given, but they’ve never officially called it “Ultra HD” with regards to PS5.

There was a patent of the new controller, but it’s not official until Sony says so. That patent? Real. The slide says that the controller will have haptic / adaptive triggers.

Let’s have some positive vibes here. We already know that the PlayStation brand has been performing very well for Sony. During the CES presentation, Sony announced that they’ve sold 106 Million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide. They’ve sold 1.15 Billion PS4 discs worldwide. Furthermore, to drum up excitment for PlayStation VR, they’ve announced that they sold 5 Million units of PSVR to date. There are 103 Million monthly active users on the PlayStation Network, with 38.8 Million PlayStation Plus Subscribers to date.

Sony says we’ll know more about PlayStation 5 in the months that follow today’s presentation. Stay Tuned.

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