PlayStation 5’s first known game is Godfall

PS5's first known game is called Godfall

Every year, Geoff Keighley hosts a yearly awards show. Geoff founded The Game Awards in 2014, and has been a yearly celebration where gamers, game companies, and the media meet. That’s not all, actors, celebrities, and other stars attend the event to celebrate gaming. The community votes for each category is their favorite for the year, and the judges tallies the votes, then finalizes the winners on-stage at the awards ceremony.

During The Game Awards, Gearbox Software, the guys behind Borderlands announced and teased a little bit about their new IP. Gearbox announced “Godfall” for PlayStation 5. Not much was revealed, but Gearbox says this game is an action RPG with looter ideals.

Here’s the entire The Game Awards livestream if you’re interested…

Godfall is currently penned for a Holiday 2020 window, possibly a PlayStation 5 launch title. If not, possibly a launch window title for PS5.

By Carlos Morales

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