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Sony officially announces PlayStation 5

In April, Sony announced a few details about the next generation game console. The console has been a subject of speculation, rumors, and dev comments. There were even leaks about the actual PlayStation console, and the dev kits. Sony did not want most of the leaks, rumors, or any other “rumblings” that would jeopardize Sony’s plans. I’ve shied away from these kinds of stories because nothing is official unless its from the company themselves. I do this with Call of Duty news every year, I stay far, far away as I possibly can from these leaks, rumors and rumblings that, according to most devs or publishers – they’re not true unless it’s from them. That is what you get from me – accurate news.

That out of the way: Sony posted a blog post to let out a few new details about the new PlayStation console. Sony is officially calling the next generation game console simply “PlayStation 5.” No codenames, anymore. You can call it PlayStation 5 now. The console does not have a firm release date, but a release window: Holiday 2020.

The PlayStation 5 console will ship with a new controller. This controller switches the force feedback from rumble to haptic, and the trigger buttons will have adaptive technology. Which adds to the immersion of your gameplay control. So, say you want to use a bow to accentuate your projectory.

To coincide with the confirmation of PlayStation 5, there was another article that talks about PlayStation 5. WIRED is the same publication that broke the first official PS5 news. One of the biggest fears about PS5, is that it was rumored to have software-level Ray Tracing, and Mark Cerny confirmed it isn’t. It’s on-board the PS5 via the GPU. Mark Cerny has been hyping his excitement about the hard drive for a while now. In fact, it was demonstrated via a presentation to investors and media…

Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 will also have a 4K Blu-Ray Player, and will accept Blu-Ray discs that hold 100GB. Previously, PS4 Blu-Ray discs were around 50GB max. BDXL discs are varied between 100GB, 200GB, and 300GB. It’s possible future PS5 discs can handle more than 100GB, but at press time, Sony officially said that PS5 discs will have 100GB.

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