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Welcome to PS5Daily!

Hello, my name is Carlos Morales, and I am the Founder and C.E.O at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I’ve been writing about Video Games since 2001, if you can believe that. I started writing for a GameCube website, and since then, I’ve moved around. And since then, I’ve been growing my brand. In 2006, I launched CarlosX360.com. Originally, it was intended to be a network, but nothing panned out. In 2009, I stumbled across CODForums, and became an administrator. The following year, I bought it. From that day on, I’ve been slowly, but surely, materializing my vision of a network.

Today, after almost 2 years of whispers, vague rumors, speculation about the Next Generation PlayStation console, I am proud to announce the launch of PS5Daily.com. As luck would have it, I can integrate the site with the forums due to a plugin. The forums will act as the backbone of this site.

Over the course of my time as writer, I’ve seen sites try to integrate their blogs with their forums, but nobody really achieved that ideal. I discovered Xpress by ThemeHouse. I will begin testing it over the next month or so and keep an lookout for any PlayStation 5 news that may come my way.

I’ve always loved, and still love my PlayStations. PS4 was a great console to own, but it is currently on its last legs, and so, last November, I’ve been domain shopping. PS5Daily is a more recent purchase, but I have other plans in the frying pan. I’ve set my eyes on PlayStation 5, and I look forward to writing about it in the months or years to come!

About Carlos Morales

I've been writing about Video Games since 2001. I have become a well-known, recognizable name in the industry. I started CarlosX360.com in 2006, and has accumulated over 1 Million Users, and 4.5 Million Pageviews worldwide. I'll always be most passionate about this wonderful community.

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